What we do ?

We are a social enterprise that encourages young girls of age group 10-25 years to learn and lead in computing fields.​ We aim to aware young girls about STEM education and create an environment for girls to pursue the STEM career by providing skill-based workshops and mentorship.

Why it matters?

Part of the solution to bring young girls in STEM is to give them an experiment with STEM toys or tool kits and enroll in hands-on learning experiments with STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.



We aim to create interest and engagement from an early age especially targeted to middle school girls. Educate and inspire 1000 girls into short term STEM awareness campaigns in the year 2020.


Encourage to develop STEM Literacy and build a required skill set for 21st-century competencies


STEM Education builds the foundation of engineering skill-sets encouraging critical thinking, increase problem-solving capabilities and design their imaginations.


Making or mapping connections with existing role models available in STEM

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