Children go Coding

Children go coding is the project initiated to reach the primary and secondary schools in Nepal with the motive of providing training of coding/programming for the future generation. As the gender gap arises from very early age the project is a common approach to expose and engage the children of age group (8-15)years into STEM fields. We have already been involved in the program at Life Vision Academy,Godawari in collaboration with Children and Youth First organization. The organisation supports the education of underprivileged children. The children therefore are learning , understanding simple algorithms and to implementing them to solve problems.The project helps to develop the computational thinking of kids. The interactive class culture at coding session brings the smiles on everyone's faces and provides the motivation for us to conduct the further sessions.

why children go coding

Programming at early ages improves the thinking and problem solving capacity and also develops lifetime skills.As every kids are special and possess their own idea and creativity, we enhance their creativity through conceptual coding algorithms. The ability to code helps their ideas to turn into reality. If the children are exposed to STEM education that includes the logic development , how the computer programs and hardware functions, then it drives their mind into creative thinkings. It gives children confidence that they can be design and build their own stories.

project initiation on the girls in science day

The project was initiated on 11th February on the GIRLS in SCIENCE DAY where the students were taught basic electrical engineering concepts building and circuits plus and minus and how they works. Now shifting into hardware and software immediately may sometimes difficult and hence some basic classes alongside on theory will also be conducted in order to map the visions into mind. From the 27th of Feburary, the classes will be conducted as per the scheduled dates.