Women in

Women in STEM Nepal is a social enterprise where we offer the educational and hands-on STEM Programs and Workshops for high schools kids and undergraduate young girls.This workshops includes Coding, Electronics and Design thinking that will open their creative sides , new innovations and also involve them to inspire the next generation girls to choose STEM careers.

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STEM for Kids

If the children are exposed to STEM education that includes the logic development, how the computer programs and hardware functions, then it drives their mind into creative thinkings. It gives them the confidence that they can be design and build their imaginations.

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what we do, matters!

  • 12%
  • 35%
  • 75%
  • 95%
  • 93%-95% of the Primary school girls are interested in Science and Mathematics
  • The number decreases to 74%-75% by the time they reach secondary schools
  • Only 35% girls shows up STEM subjects by the time they reach High Schools
  • The percentage drops to 12% at undergraduate STEM subjects

Second prize on Mobile App Development

(Nepal Telecommunications Authority & WLIT) organise the International Girls in ICT Day annually in the month of April with the vision of creating a global environment that empowers and . . . .Read full story

Sucess of Hour of code II

Hour of code is mentoring & coding workshop program that focus on the basic of certain programming language. It generally is a systemic way to prove that people can learn coding . . .Read full story

National & International Panel Discussion

The panel discussion that Women in STEM Nepal (WiSTEM Nepal) has conducted the panel discussion with Women Technologist and Women Entrepreneurs who are building their successful career,. .Read full story